Turning a dirty wreck into renewed hope

18 Sep

Because of your generous contributions, we have slowly begun rebuilding our lives. After some negotiation, our renter’s insurance coverage was officially denied because of a clause stating that we are not covered for flood-related damages. The local FEMA staff were friendly and easy to work with and did give us a small grant that would have covered a month and a half of rent at our old house. The loss of the contents of our home will not be covered. Therefore, your help is what will ultimately see us through to the other side of all of this. We have already been able to replace shoes, food and toiletries that were lost in the flood waters. In time, when we move into a new home, we will have some freedom to replace furniture, electronics, bedding and other larger items. It is a slow process of recovery from such a blow. But, all in all, we realize how truly privileged, blessed and lucky we are. THANK YOU!

For now, we wake every morning to the scampering of two of the cutest cats in the world. We have settled in quite comfortably at Michael’s mom’s house for the time being. Yesterday, a cadre of friends descended upon us to wash the muddy silt off the furniture that was salvaged. Our gracious friend Stu Dorris, a talented wood-worker, whisked off with the hardest hit of our dressers, one Jacinta had had since childhood, one that was now moldy, black and swollen, and promised to take it apart, plane it and turn it into something new and utterly beautiful. And this is the metaphor for how these last three weeks has been. You are all helping us turn a dirty wreck into renewed hope.


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