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Dance Party!!!

25 Oct

So Mark and Susan from the cafe asked if they could do something nice for us post-flood.  They proposed a dance party fundraiser after Michael DJ’ed a party for Rosendale Town Supervisor candidate Jen Metzger at the cafe.  We said let’s do it!!! It’s going to be a big fat dance party to usher in new beginnings!! Come out and shake your booty boot with us! Here’s the cafe event link.

And our big news is we are buying a house in Stone Ridge! We’ve been involved with the RUPCO first time home buyer’s class since last November.  Losing our house kicked us into high gear and it corresponded with us finishing the RUPCO savings plan. We move in December and celebrations are in order! We may have lost half of our possessions but we still have a dance or two left in us for Mary J. Blige.  See you soon!!! xox